We remove unwanted facial and body hair using Aveda’s Plant Wax System which minimizes irritation and sensitivity. Our complimentary cold stone therapy adds a soothing, finishing touch to waxing services.

Important Information for Wax Services

  • Please have at least a quarter inch of growth (generally speaking, two weeks or more of growth) by the date of your appointment to insure a successful wax experience.
  • If you are using Accutane, Retina-A, Bufferin, Renova, blood thinners, Alpha-Hydroxy products or have a high usage of antibiotics, you may not be a good candidate for wax services.
  • Certain physical conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy and predisposition to cold sores may cause heightened sensitivity of the skin. Please consult with our esthetician before any wax service.
  • One or two days prior to your appointment, we recommend exfoliating the area to be waxed and avoid tanning. On the day of the appointment, avoid using a moisturizer on the area to limit sensitivities.


Lip - Starting at $7.00

Chin - Starting at $7.50

Eyebrows - Starting at $12.00

Facial - Starting at $20.00
Includes brows, lip and chin. Add $5.00 for neck.

Arms & Legs

Underarms - Starting at $15.00

Arms - Starting at $25.00

Half legs - Starting at $29.00

Full legs - Starting at $50.00
Includes toes and feet.


Bikini - Starting at $25.00

Back - Starting at $25.00

Chest - Starting at $25.00

Full Back - Starting at $50.00

Full Chest - Starting at $50.00